The management and technical leadership of the Olympiakos should feel vindicated with the acquisition, even as loans from Atletico Madrid ´s goalkeeper Roberto . The Spaniard goalkeeper as in Matchday 2 vs Anderlecht (3-0 ) in Brussels so and 4th at the stadium "Georgios Karaiskakis" against Benfica ( 1-0) was the great protagonist. Olympiakos won 1-0 to reach 30 wins in the UEFA Champions League. 

The 27 year old goalkeeper , presented the evening of November 5 in stunning racing situation and literally kept himself upright group toward the great Portuguese team . Players Jorge Jesus after goal stoppers , Kostas Manolas at 13, was constantly on the attack and bombed the corner Olympiakos.

But beneath the beams of Olympiakos was Cerberus , Roberto Jimenez Gago , such as full name, was born on February 10, 1986 who well remembered for what had happened in the summer of 2010 and wanted to get the rematch .

Then Roberto had joined the " Eagles of Lisbon " for the amount of 8.5 million euros but could scarcely stand ... minute. He had a bad performance in the first three games of the technique consistently led the Portuguese team to oust him from the first team, after she had received 6 goals. Followed by the team , its Arthur and Eduardo lived almost constantly sending out most of the time watching the games from the stands . And in the summer of 2011 left. It was therefore logical to the Spanish goalkeeper has kept the back of his mind these not particularly good memories and now that brought luck , you might want to get his revenge.

Roberto on special reminded several exits but highly impressive saves the legend of Olympiakos,  Panagiotis Kelesidis . Who one night in December 1972 day of St. Nicholas (6 to be precise) with the incredible interventions had kept upright group in Leoforos Alexandra  , opposite the big rival Panathinaikos. And now Roberto showed that he has every right to make dreams for further course of champion Olympiakos in the Champions League . Roberto was amazing against aggressive of Anderlecht ( Mitrovic , Suarez , Bruno, Kljestan ) giving the opportunity to the striker Kostas Mitroglou to send three times a ball in nets , Kaminski and leave the team from " Constant  Van den Stock "with 3-0 win and now maintained with incredible chipped the corner intact , against the Markovic Cardoso , Amorim , Lima and Gaitan.

Roberto in the first game in Lisbon accepted the goal of equalizing the delays and torrential rain put her hand. He did evil in calculating expenses and lost the ball, giving the opportunity to the Paraguayan , Cardozo equalized...

The next day the press in Portugal want to comment adversely mistake Roberto instead look what they did gamers of Jesus. Roberto did not want to take a stand for this: "In football these things happen . In one evening you can make mistakes , the other to do well , the press can write whatever he wants , but we as professionals should not touch us them. It was a vengeance , it was a gift for the whole team. I always try to do my job"

He added: " It was an evening of Champions League in every sense of the word. Kind of nights in the Champions League happen. Was a nice game to see and especially for our fans with a very big gift to finally win".

The ... tomorrow

Roberto is on loan from Atletico Madrid, and now all the Greek team keen on standing. He said about this: "If i am   stay in the Olympiakos?  " I do not know , no one can know what will happen. I´ve said many times that at this moment I do not want to think about it . Want to be focused , to keep working a lot and getting better and end of the year if the team continue to be at the same level and I continue to perform at the same level , then it will be time to talk about this".  

Michel hugged Roberto

"The team suffered a lot. Was fair football with him. It was a rematch for him for Benfica. Then there were wrong things for him. Now went excellent. Also said I invited him home this week to eat free". Fact is that the Olympiakos  coach , old legend of Real Madrid , Michel will propose to the President of the club owner Vangelis Marinakis to sacrifice any acquisition of Roberto in the team...  


"He won the match for us," Manolas said of Roberto, who shone bright against former side Benfica with a string of stunning saves. The man of the moment, who saved a penalty in the win at Anderlecht , was more understated, saying his performance was reward for "hard work, sacrifice and professionalism". 

 Jorge Jesus  

Unsurprisingly the coach of Benfica , Jorge Jesus  spoke with praise for Roberto: "Roberto was the deciding factor . He made some incredible saves. The result was not fair for us. We could have made ​​a lot of goals but... 

Top of 4 round !!!

Roberto emerged and best goalkeeper of 4 round  for the Champions League. The lineup up of:Roberto (Olympiakos) - Danilo (Porto), Manolas (Olympiakos),  Kouyate (Anderlecht),  Filipe Luis (Atlético Madrid) - Ramsey (Arsenal), Raul Garcia (Atletico), Schone  (Ajax) - Eto´o (Chelsea), Negredo (Man. City ), Higuain (Naples).  

For. Manos Staramopoulos 

Journalist- Analyst of International Football and Affairs

Special correspondent France Football, A Bola, Mundo Deportivo and

In Athens (Greece)

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